Monday, March 6, 2017

Feeling Anger or Frustration?

Recently I have noticed an Undercurrent of anger and angst. It sits there with us throughout the day, sometimes barely beneath the surface. Our anger and angst is there to prompt us to action. The confusion comes when we are unsure of what action we are being guided towards.

When we remain conscious of this undercurrent of emotion we can choose our action instead of responding with a knee jerk reaction. We can also choose to acknowledge the impersonal nature of the emotions. When we don’t handle this energy in this way we tend to assign blame to someone or something outside ourselves. Maybe instead of asking ‘Why do I feel angry, anxious, sad?’ pose the question as ‘What is this emotion all about?’ or ‘What is this emotion trying to show me?’. When we ask Why our psyches and the Universe conspire to support our belief. We will be given the answer to our question. These answers are valid on some level, but not useful. It is our decision whether to become lost in the rabbit hole of downward spiraling thought processes, or to release the core issue.

Let’s collectively and individually make the decision not to FEED this emotion. When we feed it by finding reasons to justify the way we are feeling, we merely strengthen and solidify the experience in our energetic field. We can be aware of the emotions without feeding them. Like a stray cat the anger may still be in the neighborhood, but it will no longer be yowling at your front door. You want to find its rightful place and return it, not adopt it.

When I say not to feed the angst, I am not advocating stuffing your emotions and ignoring it. But rather to acknowledge its impersonal nature by letting it be impersonal, by not assigning blame or giving it direction. These types of emotional reactions can be pivotal in your spiritual growth.

What is this emotion trying to show you? Remember: It is NOT personal. So you may think that it is about your argument with your boss, or something similarly specific, but it is not. That may just be the trigger, the indicator that there is something deeper, bigger that requires your attention. Is this energy reflected elsewhere, like a theme running through your life at the moment? Maybe it isn’t really about your boss; maybe the issue is value and respect. Do others value and respect you? Since the outer is a reflection of the inner; Do you value and respect yourself? Are you true to yourself? Are you living an authentic life, being and authentic version of you?

I feel that this undercurrent of angst is a global call for authenticity. A wake up call for all of us to awaken to who we are and who we are meant to be; Awaken to the tapestry of the Universe, God, the All That Is. We are pieces in a puzzle, threads in a tapestry, equally important, equally responsible.

It is not about continuing to feed the angst and anger, negativity and frustration, but breaking through it. Rising about it to discover…you, the authentic, whole being of you.

Who are you really? Not the roles that you play or masks that you wear, not your job, or your past, or your hometown. Who are you? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish? It is time to climb out of the box you put yourself in and show us who you are at your core! 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Awaken the Ultimate YOU!

Awaken the Ultimate YOU! 

Experience Divine Healing with Geralyn St Joseph 
Spirit-guided energetic healing

Gallery Style Psychic Readings – individuals ask questions
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Paranormal Activity Q & A – open Q&A session on all things metaphysical from Angels to Quantum Physics
Paranormal Activity – True Ghost Stories – True stories of ghosts & their nature. Information on other types of entities & ‘disturbances’
Mini-Readings – 7 min or less psychic readings for individuals – Can be done using signatures, cards, gemstones, palms, pendulum

Let me know of any requests and I will let you know if I can accommodate.

Contact Geralyn at or call/text 808 261-7866

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Many Faces of Venus - the Dance of the 7 Veils

Consciousness is neither masculine nor feminine.  However, in a dualistic reality such as the one that humans have been creating on Earth for thousands of years there is a masculine form of consciousness (Mars) and a feminine form of consciousness (Venus).  I placed the planets that coincide with the consciousness in parenthesis.  This is not to be confused with the terms male and female as this applies to gender and anatomy.  
The planetary aspects of consciousness is a huge subject so I will summarize.  We can focus on the Feminine principle as that of receptivity with the attributes of: fluid, grace, creative, the vessel of creation, maternal, feelings, beauty, aesthetics, pleasure of the senses, nourishing, nurturing, spiritual, personal and romantic love, physical desire, emotions.  
Venus as a Goddess shows up in many civilizations throughout our written history.  In Roman times, she was known as Aphrodite, the goddess of grace and love.  She gave her name to the second planet in our solar system, the planet of both dawn and dusk.  Her sister goddesses are Inanna from Sumerian times and Ishtar from Babylonian times.  Both of these goddesses have been labelled as members of the Dark Feminine.  The usage of the term dark refers to the shadow aspects of the feminine.  The shadow represents that which is hidden from view, banished from existence, unconscious, not understood by the masses and fear is imprinted.  Most people in the western culture do not embrace their shadow side until confronted by the crisis between their own masculine and feminine.   
The journey or Many Faces of Venus is one of a planet changing position in the sky.  Venus appears in the morning sky and disappears in the evening sky.  At some point, she vanishes beneath the horizon and enters a period in the Underworld.  The mythology of this unpacks the psychological approach to spiritual death and disintegration so that a rebirth can happen.  However, in our modern western culture death conjures fear, not celebration for the right of passage that it represents.
The Feminine divided into the Light and Dark aspects depicts the polarized relationship between the creator/destroyer roles.  This theme is happening as I am writing this blog; culminating as we reach the Full Moon in Cancer on January 15, 2014 with a Mars Venus square. The questions to pose are:

  • Are you willing to admit and embrace your own capability to embody either role? 
  • Do you habitually project one of those roles onto other people based on being afraid to own both your light and your dark?  
  • Are you threatened by your own power or the sense of being powerless?
Power asks us to be responsible and for many of us can be perceived as terrifying.  The power to create, calls us to explore the unknown before we feel ‘ready’ as though this exists. The power to destroy, forces us to see our own darkness within rather than transpose it to someone or something outside ourselves.  Our relationship with power or mastering both the light and the dark requires us to discover the innate inner map of our Being.  By exploring and embodying our own journey into the Underworld we can dissolve the illusion of separation.  We can begin by examining the mythological figures of Inanna and Ishtar.
                                         (image by Susan Seddon Boulet)
Inanna is the ancient Sumarian "mother goddess".  Known as the Queen of Heaven for she dances with both the Earth and Sky.  Her qualities are powerful, self-sufficient, passionate, multi-faceted, fertility and the source of Earth's wells, springs and rivers.  Every year Inanna descends into the Underworld to resurrect her consort (sacred lover), Dumuzi.  At each of the seven gates of the Underworld she leaves one of her garments behind until naked.  She then meets her sister, Erishkigal, Queen of the Underworld. Erishkigal kills Inanna and hangs her on a hook until Innana herself is resurrected and returns to life.  
(image by Susan Seddon Boulet)
Ishtar is the multi-layered Babylonian "Creator goddess".  She represents the source of all life and the embodiment of nature's power.  She is a lawgiver, a judge, a giver of plenty, a goddess of time, goddess of love and war.  Her name means "giver of light" and she is also called the Queen of Heaven.  She is the planet Venus as both the morning and evening star and whose girdle is the belt of the zodiac.  Based on Babylonian's focus on agriculture and nature, the story is the same but is viewed from a different lens.  Ishtar descends into the Underworld in order to restore the vegetation god, Tammuz, to life and restore fertility to the Earth.  As she descends, she removes a veil at each gate.  While she remains underground all life on Earth is depressed and nothing comes to life.  She is the creative feminine who is both active and strong. I perceive Ishtar as the multi-faceted powerful consciousness of an energetic being who is unafraid to venture into the depths of their own psyche, their shadow, the Underworld and return changed.
Suffice it to say that this journey into the Underworld is not a one time thing for humans who are choosing to generate greater consciousness through well-being, generosity, love, spiritual development, joy, technological advances (and the list can go on).  What if humans were able to embrace the capacity to let go, to die to what is not true and emerge anew?
©Renee S LeBeau - January 14, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Understanding the Underworld

Understanding the Underworld

I am writing this to clarify what the Underworld is in my experience.  If you have other ideas feel free to comment, remember to always be respectful.

Renee LeBeau: The Underworld is a place of unconsciousness, dis-associated and fragmented aspects of self. It is used to mean many other things especially through a religious context. We will address this further in upcoming blog posts.
There are many visions of the Underworld that are available through every major religion and culture. Called by many names, Sheol, Hell, Inferno, Hades, Xibalba, just to name a few, the Underworld is part of the human collective unconscious. Its descriptions range from a burning land of torture to an alternate reality for the dead where both rewards and punishment are meted out. For many the Underworld is simply the farthest one can be from God, home to demons and the soulless.

The Underworld is a place of the unconscious. It is a place where we store the darker, less acceptable pieces of our Selves. Who or What labels us ‘dark’ or ‘unacceptable’? Society tells us what masks to wear and how to act to be accepted. Family members, lovers, people in authority may label versions of us ‘unworthy’ during our lifetimes. These parts of our Selves we push away and deny and ultimately condemn to the Underworld.

The Underworld in my experience is also a place which exists in another dimension. I dare say it is a dimension of its own. There are portals where this dimension bleeds through to our own, some of these portals are fixed, a few are manually created and opened for a period of time, while others fluctuate. These are portals to our reality, our dimension. These portals allow us to energetically enter the Underworld and conversely allow the dwellers of the Underworld to cross over to our dimension. We know them as demons primarily. Their ability to manifest [or become visible, or effect physical objects] is dependent upon their inherent power, proximity to the portal and the sustenance they can find.  

If you want to know more check out Paranormal Activity – What are YOU Dealing With?

Geralyn St Joseph

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Introduction to Unmasking the Feminine

Thank you to all of you who listened to our launch of the BTR series "Unmasking the Feminine". 
The introductory call was a large overview in order to create a foundation in which to explore further. The Many Faces of Venus will unpack the mythology around the feminine as an archetype in order to create a real living organic relationship based on the actual energy that is available now.
In addition to creating a new level of awareness, the journey will also give people tools in which to unlock the stuck places and release old programming. A powerful solar feminine aspect birthed herself onto the planet June 2012. 
We can cultivate the attributes of Being:
* Creative * Receptive *Focused * Pulsating * Empowered * Glowing * Vibrant health * Radiant * Self-confident.
I deeply appreciate all of you for taking this journey with us!

Love and Blessings! Renee LeBeau 
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Geralyn St Joseph and Renee S LeBeau will explore these aspects and more through the next series of talks on Blog Talk Radio - beginning Thursday January 2 and January 16 at Noon ET.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Many Faces of Venus

What is the feminine aspect of consciousness or creation?

The Feminine principle is applicable to both men and women.  It has nothing to do with anatomical body parts or what we call male and female.  It is an aspect of the 3D reality (perhaps beyond this dimension) that defines energy into 2 forms.  In this case, we are talking about the labels of Feminine and Masculine.  In the quantum field, however, it is all just energy and does not view itself from the polarized lens.  So how we view this energetically can create greater separation, more polarity and in turn more locked in energy in our physical and subtle bodies.  So the idea of UnMasking the Feminine would be an open-hearted invitation to move beyond the locked down construct and open up the energy for greater ease, fluidity and movement to happen at the personal, collective, planetary, galactic and Universal levels.  

The Feminine aspect of consciousness is connected to receptivity.  It is an inward energy described as a vessel, container, womb-like, maternal, creative, fluid.  The elements associated with it are Earth and Water.  There are many archetypal energies associated with the feminine and every ancient culture had a reference to the Great Mother.

Let us begin with the Goddess energy of Venus described by the Romans as the bestower of grace and love.  Her embodied presence is called Aphrodite by the Romans, Ishtar by the Babylonians, Innana by the Sumerians.  Each has a different lens in which to view the attributes of Venus.  She evolves over time into the goddess of growth and the beauty of nature. She is also the goddess of desire; the personification of both physical and spiritual love.

The planet Venus is given the earthly attributes of love, art, music, harmony, creativity, fertility, money, beauty, receiving, being impregnated, a receptacle of Creation.

The story of the birth of Venus is that she arose from the sea naked - the Source of all which at that time was called Primordial Creation.  She is a symbol of both the collective unconscious and eternity.  She is also the love of beauty and the pleasure of the 5 physical senses.  She is the embodiment of all of Creation expressed through desires and emotions.  And all of this is seen through the lens of contextual reality; the filter of human oriented perspective.  

What is the Feminine energy as consciousness is more than this?  

Then perhaps the languaging of the return of the Divine Feminine is inaccurate.  If it is truly being born a new then we are not returning tio anything known previously.  This is a very important aspect of what is called evolving or being willing to jump to the next spiral of creation.  It is also a clarion call to stop separating energy - divine from not divine, sacred from non-sacred.  

What if all life is sacred?  
Would the planet and all of its life forms function from greater freedom from this space as opposed to the small, tiny boxes and labels being created by outside of ourselves?  

Outer other includes some external authority figure which is exactly what Venus in Capricorn astrologically will look at.  She is currently in retrograde motion - a perfect time to review, revamp and revise from the inside out.

© Renee S LeBeau * January 1, 2014  *

Geralyn St Joseph and Renee S LeBeau will explore these aspects and more through the next series of talks on Blog Talk Radio - beginning Thursday January 2 and January 16 at Noon ET.

The Many Faces Of Venus

The Many Faces of Venus is the opening segment of the the BTR program Unmasking the Feminine. We will open-hearted explore beyond the ancient myths, the archetypes that are not questioned, the cultural overlays and the planetary mis-information.
We will excavate the old and discover a new relationship with the Integrated Feminine. What you are willing to receive is directly connected to the feminine principle of Creation. From an astrological perspective, it can be viewed through the lens of Venus.
What does this transformation of the feminine mean to you? 
Here is a potential list of attributes:
  • Create Relationships from You and your Authentic Presence
  • Greater Receiving * Money, Abundance, Energy, Beauty and Love
  • Radiant Health and more ease with your Body
  • Improve your Sexuality * Reconnect to your inner erotic and sensuality
  • Vulnerability and Visibility
  • Harmony , Resonance and Bliss 
  • Establish new levels of awareness

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