Saturday, January 4, 2014

Introduction to Unmasking the Feminine

Thank you to all of you who listened to our launch of the BTR series "Unmasking the Feminine". 
The introductory call was a large overview in order to create a foundation in which to explore further. The Many Faces of Venus will unpack the mythology around the feminine as an archetype in order to create a real living organic relationship based on the actual energy that is available now.
In addition to creating a new level of awareness, the journey will also give people tools in which to unlock the stuck places and release old programming. A powerful solar feminine aspect birthed herself onto the planet June 2012. 
We can cultivate the attributes of Being:
* Creative * Receptive *Focused * Pulsating * Empowered * Glowing * Vibrant health * Radiant * Self-confident.
I deeply appreciate all of you for taking this journey with us!

Love and Blessings! Renee LeBeau 
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Geralyn St Joseph and Renee S LeBeau will explore these aspects and more through the next series of talks on Blog Talk Radio - beginning Thursday January 2 and January 16 at Noon ET.

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