Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Many Faces Of Venus

The Many Faces of Venus is the opening segment of the the BTR program Unmasking the Feminine. We will open-hearted explore beyond the ancient myths, the archetypes that are not questioned, the cultural overlays and the planetary mis-information.
We will excavate the old and discover a new relationship with the Integrated Feminine. What you are willing to receive is directly connected to the feminine principle of Creation. From an astrological perspective, it can be viewed through the lens of Venus.
What does this transformation of the feminine mean to you? 
Here is a potential list of attributes:
  • Create Relationships from You and your Authentic Presence
  • Greater Receiving * Money, Abundance, Energy, Beauty and Love
  • Radiant Health and more ease with your Body
  • Improve your Sexuality * Reconnect to your inner erotic and sensuality
  • Vulnerability and Visibility
  • Harmony , Resonance and Bliss 
  • Establish new levels of awareness

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